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When should I submit my tax documents to Hurst, Kelly and Company, LLC (HKC)?

Submit your tax documents as early in the tax season as possible. Most tax returns where complete information has been submitted by March 15th will be completed by the April 15th due date.  Tax packets received near (and after) March 15th will likely need to be extended.  The IRS requires individuals to file or extend tax returns by April 15th.

Where do I submit tax information to HKC?

  • Mail tax documents to our office at 3293 Montgomery Road, Loveland, OH 45140
  • Drop off tax documents to our office during regular business hours with our receptionist
  • Deposit tax documents in our secure drop box located near our office front door at your convenience. We check our drop box several times daily, therefore, you do not need to contact us to check on your documents
  • Upload documents to our secure portal hosted by SmartVault. Please see below for more information regarding electronic tax document submission.

I dropped my tax documents in your drop box, should I call or email to let you know?

No, you do not need to contact our office. Our secure drop box is meant to be used for convenience by our clients.  We check the drop box several times throughout the day.

I am still waiting on one or two missing tax documents. Should I supply what I currently have and submit other documentation when I receive it?

It is best to receive all your tax documents as one packet. We do understand that factors outside of your control prevent various types of tax documents from being readily available, such as 1099B’s from brokerage accounts and K-1’s from business ownership interests not being available until later in tax season. If this applies to you, submit the bulk of your documents to our office once you have received them and additional documents may be submitted once they are available. Please be aware that submissions that are not fully completed near March 15th will likely need to be extended.  Extended tax returns are due October 15th.  We complete extended returns, as our schedule allows, once all necessary documentation has been received.

Is an extension of time to file my personal tax return until October 15th also an extension of time to pay my tax obligation?

No, an extension of time to file your return does not grant you any extension of time to pay your taxes. You should estimate and pay any owed taxes by your regular deadline to help avoid and/or mitigate possible penalties. Form 4868 can be used to make an extension payment, and can be obtained from

How do I upload documents digitally to your secure portal hosted by SmartVault?

  • If you are a first time SmartVault user, send and email to or contact our office at 513.234.0977 (extension 106) to establish your account.
  • To access the client portal to view and download your personal tax records or to upload new tax documents, click here.
  • Once new tax documents have been uploaded, please let us know by emailing our office at Please include in the email the number of documents that were uploaded.

How do I reset my SmartVault password?

To reset password, go to SmartVault, click Can’t Sign In and follow instructions.

How may I view and/or download tax information from the current and former years?

To view, download and/or print previous year’s tax information, access the client portal by clicking here.

I have recently moved and/or my contact information has changed. How do I update my info?

Email with your updated information.

Does HKC provide payroll services?

No, we do not provide payroll services.

Does HKC provide financial advising services?

No, we do not provide financial advising services.

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