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Tax Planning Process and Timeline

We only offer tax planning for current clients and clients that are new to us and that are anticipated to come on board for tax preparation services in the upcoming tax season.

Tax planning starts by framing up your prior year tax returns in our system and generating a pro-forma of your subsequent year’s return based on the estimates and assumptions that you provide to us.

Tax planning results in an easy-to-understand PDF of a detailed tax planner for a specific tax year(s) showing projected tax liabilities. We compliment the tax planner with a teleconference to go over the results of the tax planner and to provide you with our commentary of what we believe you should consider as a result of the tax planning process.

Tax planners focus on federal tax liabilities. We can also provide you with a state-specific tax planner as well, if needed.

Tax planning is a project-based service. As such, depending on the nature of the work and the time of year, tax planners can be assembled and completed in as little as 3 to 5 business days in the offseason, or can be assembled with your tax return for the current year during tax season.

Federal Tax Planning Services start at $750.00.

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